Tanko Petfood SA, a purely Greek company, was founded in 2013 and since then has joined very actively in the field of pet food. Our company’s main activity is the production, trading and distribution of Dry Dog & Cat Food products.

By having absolute productive self-reliance, our goal is the development of innovative products, harmonized with the specific pet feeding requirements.

Through our continuous research and ceaseless love for the evolution of our products, we guarantee the delivery of reliable and highly competitive food for your pet.


The plant, which covers an area of 26.310 square meters, is located in the Corinth region. We own the largest dry dog & dry cat food production plant in Greece and in Southeastern Europe and one of the most modern technological units across Europe with an annual production capacity of more than 115.000 tons.
Our high tech equipment guarantees a stable and quality controlled production process in every stage without exception.
Our industrial facilities, always with absolute respect to the environment, include fully automated production, packaging, quality control, traceability, and energy saving systems.


Taking as a starting point the strategic location of our factory, just 100km from the largest port in the country, by having a sufficient truck fleet and through a well-organized distribution network we ensure the full coverage of the domestic market directly and effectively.

The company has a large network of collaborators, which extends throughout the Greek territory, ensuring in this way the maximum geographical coverage of the market with all the company’s products.

Simultaneously, the demand of our products extends across borders, as our export business activity includes so far countries of the Balkans and Europe, while continuing our systematic effort to enter in new markets.


Combining our know-how with a highly qualified staff, taking advantage of the huge production capacity of our plant and the technical features of our equipment and continually investing in our business and in our object, by having as one & only non-negotiable criterion the supply of quality stabled, competitive and innovative products, we managed within a very short time to distinguish and to excel by winning the trust and the respect of the market.

A strong reference & excellence point is our strategic partnerships with Europe’s biggest companies, who have fully trusted us and provide us with their products, as well as some of the world renowned nutritionists, fully specialized in the field of pet food, who through their the vast experience and knowledge, they provide valuable services, thus contributing to the best possible result that we wish to lend at all levels.

Our prominence in the Branded products and our leading position in the Private Label category in the domestic market, classify us undoubtedly in the elite of the Pet Food production.