It is well known that private label products have become an important and integral part of a company’s product mix.
The main criteria for the selection of a Private Label supplier are very strict concerning the product’s quality, the quality – price ratio, as well as the seriousness and the credibility of the enterprise, its production capacity and its expertise in the field.
Having all these features, Tanko surpassing all the expectations, managed to quickly stand out in such a demanding and “sensitive” part, this of the development and the creation of private label products and to climb to the top spot, by winning the full trust of the market and of the largest enterprises in this country.
Offering products specially designed to meet the exact needs of its customers, Tanko provides options and solutions which can form strong and successful commercial Brands with added value.
The flexibility of our company enables availability of a variety of options both in recipes and packaging, while always respecting our customers’ wishes and being absolutely loyal to the development of the products they envision.