Our company’s Quality Control System meets and exceeds all the requirements of the pet food industry. Having as a consistent policy the high quality and the safety of products it strictly follows the standards, the procedures and the rules, on the basis of ensuring the health and longevity of pets.

In our fully equipped laboratories all the necessary inspections of both raw materials and finished products are followed in order to ensure the strictest quality requirements of the market.

The standard ISO 22000: 2005, the most rigorous and integrated quality management system, with which our company is certified, is applied with no exception to every single operational stage.

R & D

The continuous research and development ensure the delivery of reliable products. The systematic effort of the investigation of the market trends combined with the pets’ requirements, aims to create innovative products that meet these requirements and ensure high palatability and acceptability performances.
The work of the R & D Dept. is of primary importance for the company and includes activities such as the development, design and implementation of new recipes and improve productive and the improvement of methods and processes.
It is worth noting that in our company policies is included the development of cooperation with specialized technology laboratories, within and outside the country, aiming at the research & development of new products characterized by stability, “specificity” and value for money.